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Secret to Success: 3 Rs of Publishing – Intro

Here’s the thing.

There IS a secret to being a successful author.  I’m going to tell you what it is.

For the purposes of this post and blog series, I’m defining “successful” as “financially successful,” though that’s not always how one should measure success as a writer.  That being said, it is nice to have some sort of financial security come from the craft into which you pour your heart and soul.  It’s something I’m still attempting to secure.

However, there is a secret to it.  I’ll even tell you what it is.

Hint: it’s 3 things actually and here they are:

Reach – The ability/capacity and execution of accessing an audience, specifically an audience that will buy your book

Resonate – The ability to connect with a reader/fan/individual in a positive, lasting manner. Emotional synergy

Retain – Holding onto people who have purchased books from you in the past so they will continue to do so again in the future

I call them the 3 Rs of Publishing.

Over the next couple weeks, I’ll post individual posts about each of these Rs, delving into both the what and the how of each one and how they’re all interrelated.  So come back each Thursday for the new post.

For now though, read on!


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