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Mythica: A Quest for Heroes – Official Movie Novelization Kickstarter

You can now Pre-Order the Mythica: A Quest for Heroes novel over on Kickstarter!  If that’s all you need to go reserve yourself a copy, click on the image below and it will take you to the Kickstarter page.

Click to go to Kickstarter

Click to go to Kickstarter

For the rest of you, let me tell you a little bit about the book and its connected film franchise, and a little bit about how the Kickstarter interface works.


Mythica is the most ambitious indie fantasy project ever undertaken. The series is comprised of five feature films, shot over two years on location in Utah, USA.

The Mythica series follows the adventures of Marek, a wizard born with the dark power of necromancy, as she learns to harness the magic that threatens to corrupt her. She recruits a team of adventurers to battle Szorlok, the legendary Necromancer, and thwart his goal of uniting the four shards of the Darkspore to unleash an undead plague on the land.

Fun for all ages, Mythica is a sweeping adventure featuring monsters, magic, romance, betrayal and hard-hitting action.

Starring Melanie Stone, Adam Johnson, Jake Stormoen, Nicola Posener, Matthew Mercer, Robert Jayne and Kevin Sorbo.


Our story, A Quest for Heroes, features the origins of the group that will come to be known as the Red Thorns.  Stuck in a life of indentured servitude, Marek dreams of becoming a wizard. When she meets a beautiful priestess, Teela, in need of help, Marek escapes her master and puts together a team of adventurers – including Thane the warrior and Dagen the half-elf thief – and embarks on an epic quest to free Teela’s sister from orcs and ogres.

After raiding the orc camp, the group learns that Teela’s sister has been taken into the mountains by a giant ogre. Escaping hellhounds and orcs on their dangerous journey, the team find themselves hopelessly outmatched by the man-eating ogre, and must unite all their talents to free the prisoners and escape with their own lives.


What I’ve done is write a companion novelization of the first film, A Quest for Heroes. What makes that different from the film?  Well, there are both new and extended scenes in the novel that you don’t see in the film, and the novel allows the reader to get into the head of each of the lead characters in a way you just can’t get in the film.  The novel delves deeper into everything you see in the movie and enhances it for an all-new experience.  Whether you’ve already seen the movie or not, you’ll get the same joy from reading the novel and jumping into this grand adventure series.  Here’s a look at the cover.



Backers pledge an amount and choose a reward. At the end of the 30-day Kickstarter campaign, if the combined total of all pledges for the novel meet or exceed the $10,000 goal, then the credit cards of those who pledge are charged and the publisher receives the funds to print the physical books. If the campaign doesn’t meet the goal, then the money is not withdrawn from the pledgers’ account and no rewards are provided (the book doesn’t get printed) :(. If the $10,000 goal is exceeded the additional funds will be used to print more books, get better distribution channels set up, and get one step closer to some awesome stretch goals that will be announced later.  The Kickstarter platform isn’t a charity donation.  You’re pre-ordering a product and purchasing fun extras at the same time.  The funds provided are used exclusively for the production and shipping of the product (and extras) to those who pledge.


I’ve written many different novels over the course of my career.  I’ve developed worlds and characters that were uniquely and entirely mine, yet conducive and real in their own sphere of existence. My Sharani Series has been a best-seller on Amazon, nominated for numerous awards, and been a fun experience to write.

This project was 100 times harder.


Well, over the course of the Kickstarter Campaign, I’ll post a very in depth look at what I did as part of this project, but, in short, writing something that already has a pre-existing fan base, in someone else’s world, is about as hard as it gets. Creative peoples, and especially writers, don’t color within the lines.

I’m very proud, on a personal level, of what I accomplished with this.  The novelization is as good as it could possibly be.  I was very deliberate in making sure each of the lead characters go POV sections and the reader gets to see inside their minds and hear their individual and unique voices. The new scenes enhance the story and answer a lot of the questions the film leaves you with.  I have become a super fan of the series itself.  It’s been an amazing experience.

Here’s the thing.

If the Kickstarter doesn’t hit the goal, the novel doesn’t get made.  If the novel doesn’t get made, all the work I put into it becomes, essentially, meaningless.  I’m extending my personal invitation to everyone reading this blog post to buy the book through the Kickstarter Campaign.  Make a pledge at whatever reward tier you can afford.  Everything is one step closer to the overall goal.  As James Artimus Owen says, “Miraculous things can happen when enough people get behind something they believe in.”

Stay tuned here on my Author Page (CLICK HERE) for updates on the Kickstarter and the novel itself!

Head over to the Kickstarter and share with your friends!


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What’s Next for Nielsen

What’s Next???

In the spirit of Brandon Sanderson, I’ve decided to do a yearly “what happened this last year and what are my plans for the future” post on my birthday. It will cover the projects that were published that preceding year and what I’m planning on doing moving forward. Now, Sanderson has the advantage of having some fun alliteration in his “State of the Sanderson” title. I’m not as lucky, so I’m going to call it “What’s Next for Nielsen.” Which is funny. At least to me. As this is the inaugural year, it will cover from July 2015 – September 2016, though the future will be from September to September.

July 2015 – September 2016

Number of published – 4 – Sands, Storms, Skies, & Resurgent Shadows
Number of total words written in either completed or partial drafts – 652,400
Number of contracts signed – 6

My first year as a published author was pretty intense. I wrote a lot (average of 1500 words a day, every day), did a lot of events, and pretty much worked myself into the ground. I’ve learned a lot about both the craft and the business side of writing, though I’ll always have more to learn. I’ve given presentations and taught classes, visited schools, and received fan mail. Some of it is still all pretty surreal.

Sept 2016 – Sept 2017

Upcoming works (already under contract):

Twins – this is short story that’s part of the fully funded Kickstarter project. Expect to see it soon if you backed the project. The story is based in the world of Sands

Mythica: A Quest for Heroes (The Official Movie Novelization) – this is a new thing for me, translating a visual medium into written form. It’s been fun. I’m deep in the revision process with my editor. In keeping with the origins of the movie franchise itself, there will be a Kickstarter for this project later this year. Watch for it

Upcoming Works (Not under contract, but slated for this next year):

Wings for Christmas – A short story I’m going to submit to a Christmas anthology. “A fairy hunter learns the secret to catching fairies at Christmas time, but has to decide if its worth it or not.”
Schrödinger’s Prodigy – A short story for an anthology of LDS authors. “Multiples universes collide and a 17-year-old prodigy is arrested for murder – or suicide. Can you really get charged for killing a copy of yourself?”

Dristan’s War – YA Contemporary novel – first of a new trilogy. “Dristan Cole thinks he’s finally gotten in with the girl of his dreams when she invites – no begs – him to run away with her. Two weeks later, he finds himself in a world of ordinary superheroes he calls Phenoms, with powers ranging from being their own autonomous wifi signal, to having a hyper sensitive sense of taste. The girl he thought he knew can see the future, at least in part, and knows they can never be together, because she knows she’s going to die, but Dristan is determined to do whatever he can to prevent that, regardless of the consequences.

Alloran (or “Of Moon and Earth”) – The title is a work in progress. Standalone Epic Fantasy novel (think doorstop size). “In a world where the governance of the land is divided by whether or not it’s night or day, Alloran learns he has been blessed of the moons to be one of the Lumenaria, the holy men who worship the three moons, rule the night, and control the only access to magic in the land. After being sold for a pittance to passing merchant, Alloran is discovered by the Lumenaria and starts a journey that will lead the country to both war and salvation, faith and despair, and change the very fabric of the magic that weaves lives together in his world.”

Sisters (Sharani Series 4) – YA Fantasy series – This one will pick up where Skies left off, but after a 6 month time lapse. You’ll get to see the truth behind the religion and dig deep into Lhaurel’s past and the history of the nation as a whole. However, I’d like to finish either Alloran or Dristan’s War prior to getting to this one. Why? Well, I’ll talk about that later. Stay tuned.

Other Works (later than the next year but with no definitive timeframe)

Successive Harmony Series Books 2-4 – I’ll get back to these once sales pick up a little. My publisher is loathe to sign a sequel with the sales being where they are. This is my favorite series and I really want it to do well. I’d love to come back to it, so spread the word, please.

Flowered Addiction (really bad working title – I know) – Epic Fantasy Trilogy – Magic is contained within flowers in a society based loosely off ancient India. The consumption of the flowers is a double edged sword – it grants you magical abilities, but will eventually kill you.

Killian’s Flight – Middle Grade Fantasy Series – a young boy is captured by pirates and learns about the magic of the world by accident. The pirates accept a commission to hunt down and stop another ship who is determined to destroy the only magic in the world, little glass orbs that contain the souls of baby dragons.

Souls (Sharani Series Book 5) – this will happen after book 4. Sometime.

Several other things could happen during this timeframe, though this is my rough idea for the novel writing slate. I’m trying to slow down a little on the writing front since I’ve been pretty much going non-stop, sometimes juggling two or three projects at once, while also managing a day job. It’s possible – if the first Mythica novelization does well – I’ll be writing the other 4 in that movie series as well, though I’m not entirely sure at this point.

Why am I bouncing between projects when I have a two current series that are unfinished? Well, it goes back to how I think and the way I write novels. The fun part of writing – for me – is in developing new worlds, exploring new cultures, and peeling back the layers on new people (characters). That’s what keeps me entertained by the process. Writing sequels is fun because you can unveil more and more about both the world and the characters BUT the rush of new discovery is lessened in sequels. To keep myself sane and to sort of “cleanse my writing palate” I switch to new projects from time to time. It keeps me from getting bored with what I’m doing. So, I’m sorry I’m not working on the world or storyline you most prefer if I’m currently not doing so, but I promise you, when I do return to that series or storyline, it will be far better for me having spent time doing something else.

That’s it for the “What’s Next for Nielsen” this year. Year 1 was amazing. Here’s to an even better Year 2!

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