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Today is the big day.  SKIES (Book 3 in the Sharani Series) has been launched into the world.  If you’ve already been waiting for it with baited breath, I won’t keep you.  Here’s a link to go buy the ebook on Amazon.  (  If you’ve got a few more minutes, I’ll elaborate on a few items.



I am – as always – both nervous and excited.  Each time I come back to this series, I worry about how it will be received and if it lives up to the expectations of the fans.  I feel like I’ve accomplished that with SKIES.  There are some fun new features included with this novel, including a map of the world (at least the pertinent parts of it).  Only the ebook is available right now, but the physical copies will be in the world within a few weeks as well.
Here are a couple things some authors I very much respect have said about it:
“Kevin Nielsen is an author of impressive and unique fantasy with a Robert Jordan flare. Wonderfully written with plenty of twists, Skies is well worth the read!” Alyson Peterson, author of the Ian Quicksilver series
“Kevin Nielsen’s Skies is a masterful blend of adventure, mystery, and magic which keeps the reader mesmerized from the first riveting scene to the last. Always unexpected, always engaging.”Josi Russell, author of the best-selling Caretaker series
It launches today.  If you’re interested in the book (which I’m going to assume you are or else you wouldn’t be on my newsletter list) go over to Amazon and buy a copy.  I’ve even provided a link below for your convenience.  Please share the link on all the social media outlets you possess and let your friends and family know to go buy the books.
Thank you very very much for all your help and support.  It’s been a fun journey so far, but I can assure you, the best is still yet to come!

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What 2016 Brings…Sequels, Audiobook, & Awesomeness

It is now 2016.  Celebrating the new year is an interesting experience for me now.  My youngest was born on January 1st, so we spend New Year’s Day celebrating both a new year and her birth.  That means I don’t have much time on the 1st to put together any sort of thoughts about writing or where I imagine 2016 taking me on the writing front.  So you get that post today, on January 2nd.

2016 is going to start off well.  Storms, the sequel to Sands and Book 2 in the Sharani Series, is being released on ebook on January 7th  (that’s next Thursday for the record).  I’m really excited to see what people think about the continuing story of Lhaurel, Gavin, Beryl, and Khari.  I was going to put up some teaser chapters as a New Year’s Day present but, as I mentioned above, my Jan 1st is filled with other things and it didn’t happen.  Now you’ll just have to wait until it comes out.  Trust me, it’s worth the wait (I hope).

Here’s a teaser for it though – from the back cover (SPOILER ALERT for those who haven’t yet finished Sands):

Storms rage across the Sharani desert. Those clansmen who survived the devastation in the Oasis take refuge in the Roterralar Warren. But just as they grew to understand in the Oasis, maybe they weren’t meant to be together at all. Change is in the wind. The Orinai are coming.

Gavin struggles to find his place within the clans while Beryl begins to recognize that what he did in calling the Orinai will have devastating consequences. In an effort to atone for that, he sets in motion events that will lead to the end of safety and, possibly, the destruction of the Rahuli people.

After waking from weeks of troubled slumber, Lhaurel struggles with what she had to do in the Oasis and the burgeoning powers within her. As everything she holds dear begins to fall apart again she is plagued with the one, most important question. Can she save her people once again or is she unwilling to pay that price?

I’m excited/nervous to see how it’s received.  Thursday is the big day.

The audiobook for Sands is set to come out in February (Feb 9th to be specific).  I got an email from the narrator the other day that made me smile.  “Hi, Kevin. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed narrating SANDS. I think it’s going to translate great to audio. There were so many interesting characters and action sequences and your writing was really fluid. So. Bravo! And I hope you’re working on a sequel. I’d love to know what happens next.” So that made me happy.  I’m glad the narrator felt it translated well into audio.  There’s always this nagging fear in the back of my mind that at some point someone will come along and tell me it’s all a lie, that my book is terrible and I shouldn’t write another book.  Actually, that’s happened, but only from a couple people.  I think we all have those naysayers in our lives at times.  But the important part it to keep on writing, learning, and improving.  If you can do that consistently, you’ll make it in any aspect of your life, not just writing.

Anyway, moving on to what to expect from me this year.  I have some lofty goals, but I’ve always thought it was better to aim big and only hit some of it than to aim small and hit nothing.  So here we go –

Sands Cover

Click to go to Amazon


Storms is coming out on the 7th of this month, as I mentioned earlier.  There are still three more books in the series.  I’m hoping to write and release Book 3 this year.  The thing is, this book will be larger and more complicated than either of the other two.  It may take me a little longer to write than either Sands or Storms did.  However, I should still get it done this year.  I’m hoping that Storms is at least as well received as Sands was.  If so, I don’t want to leave people hanging for very long to get the answers I’m sure they’re going to be wanting.


Resurgent Shadows has been a bit of a slow burn.  I don’t know if many people really

Click to go to Amazon

Click to go to Amazon

know a lot about it, or if it simply doesn’t have the same appeal as Sands does.  Either way, I am really attached to that storyline and series, so I’m hoping to get the sequel written this year as well.  Those who have read Resurgent Shadows have been very attached to it, for the most part, and are already asking about the sequel.  It is in the works to be completed this year too.  I’ve come a long way in my craft since writing the first book, so I need to go back and revisit the series outline to see where I want to take it now that I have a better handle on how to get certain writing tasks accomplished.  Still, as I’ve said, I’ll get it done this year if all goes well.  I need to invest in a slightly better computer that has more than a 20 minute battery life, which will help, but until then I’ll make due with what I have.  This one is definitely in the works.


There’s always a million other stories I want to be working on.  Part of what makes me excited about writing is starting new books with new characters and new worlds.  I’ve got another project in the works that I’m trying to get drafted this year as well.  It is something very different from anything I’ve written before and has some strong romantic elements to it.  I realize while writing Storms that I don’t really have a strong grasp on how to write that sort of element in my books.  So I studied a lot and consulted people better at it than I and ended up quite pleased with how those dramatic relationship elements ended up in Storms.  That being said, I still need to practice and so Project W was born – well, modified.  I already had some ideas and those were amalgamated with some romance elements to create Project W.  We’ll see what happens with it.  I’m thinking standalone, but could also see it being a really good trilogy as well.

Other Stuff

Conference season starts this month here in Utah as well.  I’ll be at several over the coming months.  Right now the plans include LTUE in February (I’ll make a post about each of these in turn over the next few weeks), FanX in March, LDS Storymakers in May, Phoenix Comic Con in June (Still in the planning stage), and SLCC in September.  Also interspersed in that is a small California tour in March and a teaching thing in January.  So yeah, I’ll be busy.

Thankfully, I have a super supportive family that gives me the time and support I need to get all this stuff done.  Still, I may have to adjust the schedule as the year progresses in order to accommodate for the unforeseen.  But, in the end, I want to make this writing thing a career.  In the end, I want to be able to quit the day job one day and just write all the time.  Is that still far down the road?  Yes, but it starts today.  The harder I work, the greater the chance that one day I’ll be able to attain my ultimate goal.

Let me know if you have any questions about the coming year or any of my currently published books or my current projects you can comment on any of my posts or reach out through the contact me tab.  I’m pretty good about responding.

Here’s to a great 2016!

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