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Flash Fiction Story – 4.11.17

Flash fiction is a short short story (in this case less than 100 words) based off a given prompt.  This week the prompt is as follows:

He just needed something to make him feel better

Here’s my take on it:

Allan felt great.  Not just great, beyond great.  Exultant even.  And why shouldn’t he?  He’d just aced his biggest exam in med school, had the world’s hottest girlfriend, and he’d all but secured the best internship.  His life was practically perfect.

Why then, would the hollowness inside not go away?

He grit his teeth and dug through his pile of hallucinogens as the last of the mind-altering drug wore away.  That last one had been nearly perfect.  A nearly perfect pretend life found only within his own mind.

This time, he just needed something that made him feel better afterward.



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Flash Fiction Prompt: Marrying her anyway

Here’s the Flash Fiction Prompt for this week (Remember, this means a complete story inside of 100 words)

Prompt: I’m sorry if it upsets you, but I’m marrying her.

I stared down at the marker, eyes tracing over the letters etched deep into the stone.  Meredith Jones.  My dear mother.

“I know you never approved of her.” My voice barely traveled the distance between my lips and the headstone only a few feet away.  A light breeze would have kidnapped it before arrival and borne it away without hope of ransom.  “It’s a shame too.  She’s headstrong, stubborn, irrationally irritating, and forces me to be a better man.” I smiled somewhat ruefully and looked down at my calloused hands.  “Honestly, mom, she reminds me an awful lot of you.”

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