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Nearing the finish line

I’m going to get vulnerable here and do something I’ve never done before.  But first, a small story for context. Three years ago I lost my job in a layoff the day after finding out my wife and I were pregnant with our second child.  We’d just bought our first home, moved from Charlotte, NC to Arizona, and I was just beginning to seriously pursue an attempt to publish my first novel.  My job was the sole source of income.

It took several months and move to another state for me to find another job.  I ended up having to take a loss on the house and get into a significant amount of debt to keep my little family safe and fed.  We found ourselves going from living in a large house all of our own, to living with family, then a tiny little apartment that cost the same as our house in Arizona, but which has a quarter of the space.

And I slowly chipped away at that debt.

I had a good job again, but the pay wasn’t as good as I’d had before and I had more expenses now with an additional mouth to feed and struggling to finish my bachelor’s degree all at the same time.  I started writing in earnest and got my first publishing contract.  I suddenly found myself working two jobs, one during the day and writing at night.

And I chipped away at the debt, like a giant boulder that just never seemed to get smaller, except in bits and pieces.

I worked harder, got some promotions at work, and published more books.  Kids got older and expenses increased.  I published 4 more books in rapid succession, working 20 hour days for weeks on end.  I took on a third job about the same time as our third child came along.  The 20 hour days became the norm.  Living expenses increased, but our same old apartment did not.  To afford to move, I needed to pay off that debt.

And I chipped away at that debt.

Now, three years later and with three kids, 5 books, and now 4 jobs, I’m only $2000 away from having that debt boulder off my back.  I’d love to get that taken care of this month.  I’d love to be able to get that gone and afford to move into a bigger place where my little family has the space they need.  So, I’m asking a favor, well, two favors, really.

  1. I’m not asking for donations, I’m offering critique services on manuscripts.  Over the years, I’ve sold over 10,000 copies of my debut novel, Sands, been the top seller in multiple sales categories on Amazon, been ranked #24 overall in all authors on Amazon, and am a senior Acquisitions Editor for a publishing house (that fourth job I mentioned earlier).  I’m fully qualified and capable of critiquing and improving queries, 1st chapters, and complete manuscripts from the novice to the experienced author in any genre.  I’m offering some great promotional rates right now.  Here is the link to the critique services page here.  If you’re interested, email me at 
  2. Please share this post.  Even if you don’t know anyone interested in this service, you may know someone who is.  The more people who know about it, the more people who can take me up on the offer and get me over that threshold to pay off that debt-boulder.

As always, thanks for reading and Read On!  There are more books coming down the pipeline later

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