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Flash Fiction Story – 4.11.17

Flash fiction is a short short story (in this case less than 100 words) based off a given prompt.  This week the prompt is as follows:

He just needed something to make him feel better

Here’s my take on it:

Allan felt great.  Not just great, beyond great.  Exultant even.  And why shouldn’t he?  He’d just aced his biggest exam in med school, had the world’s hottest girlfriend, and he’d all but secured the best internship.  His life was practically perfect.

Why then, would the hollowness inside not go away?

He grit his teeth and dug through his pile of hallucinogens as the last of the mind-altering drug wore away.  That last one had been nearly perfect.  A nearly perfect pretend life found only within his own mind.

This time, he just needed something that made him feel better afterward.



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Flash Fiction Prompt

I’ve been bad at these lately.  Here’s a new one.  The goal is to write a complete story (or close) in 100 words based off a prompt.  Here you go. (Warning: this one has a sad note to it…that’s just how it happened)

Prompt: There was something not quite right about the window.

I stared at the crack stretching across the glass, splitting into a spider-web of brokenness in something that had once been whole.  I knew how it felt, if windows could feel that is, recognized the broken pieces of my own shattered soul mirroring those misshapen shards held together by the pressure of their respective containers.

I knew the window would never be the same.

Neither would I.

I pulled my eyes away from the window.  The cold had shattered it.  The bitterness.  My gaze drifted toward the empty chair next to mine and I wept frozen tears.

Never the same.


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