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Welcome to the Library of my completed/published works.  Please follow the links below (click on the images) to get to the specific pages on each of my published works.



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Praise for the Sharani Series:

“If Sands is about choice, Storms is about the consequences of those choices.

I feel that Storms is the Empire Strikes Back of this wonderful series. There’s more than a little of Frank Herbert’s Dune here, and that is by no means a bad thing. Nielsen draws inspiration from the sci-fi classic, both in framing (the journal entries that open the chapters are a great choice here, and will feel familiar to fans of Herbert’s work) and themes, but while the parallels are apparent, Nielsen weaves a tale that is all his own. Lhaural’s journey has only just begun, and in Nielsen’s second installment, that journey becomes much more complex.

I love Lhaurel as a character and the journey she embarks on, and Storms continues that journey, taking it in unexpected directions that will shock and amaze. A young woman finding her own path in an oppressively patriarchal society is especially poignant, and the supporting cast of characters are all wonderfully written.

The world that Nielsen has created is impressively well done. The customs, names, and ways of the various clans and the world they inhabit are all beautifully developed. The overarching mythology of this series is of utmost importance, and it is further expanded here.

With intrigue, wonderfully drawn characters, a sweepingly epic tale of survival and magic, and unpredictable twists, the second installment in Kevin L. Nielsen’s YA fantasy series, Storms, is fiercer, darker, and grander than its predecessor, which is no small order, given the excellence of Sands, the first in the series. A definite must-read.”

— James Ramos, author of That Girl, Darcy


Book 1

Book 1


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