Quick Status Update

Hey, it’s been a bit since my last update.  This one will be quick, but it should cover everything.  Here goes.

1 – We added another member to our family a couple weeks back.  From time to time, he may feature here on the blog.  Adapting to another child at home has it challenges, but he’s a cute little guy and my wife has handled it like the true wonder woman she is.

2 – I accepted a position with a small press called Immortal Works as one of their Acquisitions Editors.  This will be on top of my regular writing schedule and my day job.  Yes, I’m already busy.  Yes, I may be a little “crazy”.  Yes, I am taking submissions.  If you’re an author and would like to submit something, first, check out the submission guidelines at immortal-works.com.  Then you can reach out to me with your queries at kevin.nielsen@immortal-works.com

3 – I will be at Fyrecon in Layton, Utah next week from June 8-10th.  I’ll post my schedule on here later, but it will be an excellent event.  Come see me there and/or come learn about writing.  It will be awesome.

4 – What I’m working on now?  Lots of things.  Mostly attempting to figure out how to balance all this.  Writing-wise, I finished my science fiction novella and have been dabbling on an epic fantasy set in the early Roman/Etruscan time period but on a different world.  We’ll see where I’m at later once I’m able to get a handle on some of the other life events.

That’s about it.  Feel free to follow my FB page to get more frequent updates if you’ve a mind.  You can find it by scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking on the image of FB located there.

Thanks and Read On!

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Prologues – What good do they do?

I enjoy reading and writing epic (or high) fantasy novels.  One of the common elements of that genre is a proclivity of prologues.  Here’s the thing though.  Prologues are a divisive subject in the writing world.  Some people hate them.  Some people love them.

Me?  Well, as with most things in life, it depends on the prologue.  If it fulfills its purpose, it’s good.  If it doesn’t it’s bad and shouldn’t really be in the book.  That’s not to say the information isn’t useful, just isn’t as important to the book.

So, what’s the purpose of a prologue?  I’ll tell you.

The purpose of a prologue (or even a first chapter sometimes) is to set the tone, make promises, and set the stage for the climax/theme of the story.

That’s it.   If a prologue doesn’t do that, it’s unnecessary.  I’ve included a couple examples below.

Successful Prologue(s):  

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Click to go to Amazon

Unsuccessful Prologue(s):

Click to go to Amazon

What are your thoughts on prologues?  Are there more to add to these lists?  Let me know in the comments!

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