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Win a KINDLE FIRE as part of the SKIES Book Launch

My novel, SKIES, released on ebook on Thursday. It’s been getting great reviews, including this one from an author I very much respect:

“Kevin Nielsen is an author of impressive and unique fantasy with a Robert Jordan flare. Wonderfully written with plenty of twists, Skies is well worth the read!”Alyson Peterson, author of the Ian Quicksilver series

For the next two weeks (through 09/03) I will be hosting a giveaway where you can win a Kindle Fire. I will ship it anywhere in the world. There are two ways to be entered plus a bonus for anyone attending Salt Lake Comic Con September 1st – 3rd.

Magenta Kinde Fire

Here’s how you enter (you’ll get one entry per item completed):

1) Sign up for my email newsletter using this link:

2) Share this post on your Facebook page and tag @authorkevinlnielsen (that’s me) or Twitter and tag @kevinlnielsen or Instagram and tag @kevinlnielsen

If you’re going to Salt Lake Comic Con, you can also come buy a physical copy of the book at the Future House Publishing booth and get 2 entries for buying it!

The winner will be notified on September 5th.

Now, about SKIES – from the back cover:

For the Rahuli people, the world has just gotten a lot bigger.



Gavin, now the unchallenged leader of the displaced Rahuli, grows increasingly frustrated with the members of the so-called slave “rebellion.” The former slaves are frightened by the Rahuli’s war-filled history, but the Rahuli’s warrior ways might be the only thing to stop the Orinai from slaughtering them all.

Meanwhile, Lhaurel is held prisoner by the Seven Sisters, the mysterious and ruthless mages who rule the Orinai. Cut off from her magic, she is forced to travel to the Orinai capital under threat against the Rahuli. Unbeknownst to Lhaurel, despite their promises the Sisters have no intention of letting the Rahuli live.

While Lhaurel begins to understand the Seven Sisters, their armies march toward the Rahuli once again. To defend his people, Gavin must earn the trust of the former slaves or nobody stands a chance against the approaching horde.

Can Gavin defeat the Orinai, or have the Rahuli entered a fight they cannot win?

****You can pick up the first two books in the series on ebook for a steeply discounted price for the next week by clicking RIGHT HERE.****

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Today is the big day.  SKIES (Book 3 in the Sharani Series) has been launched into the world.  If you’ve already been waiting for it with baited breath, I won’t keep you.  Here’s a link to go buy the ebook on Amazon.  (  If you’ve got a few more minutes, I’ll elaborate on a few items.



I am – as always – both nervous and excited.  Each time I come back to this series, I worry about how it will be received and if it lives up to the expectations of the fans.  I feel like I’ve accomplished that with SKIES.  There are some fun new features included with this novel, including a map of the world (at least the pertinent parts of it).  Only the ebook is available right now, but the physical copies will be in the world within a few weeks as well.
Here are a couple things some authors I very much respect have said about it:
“Kevin Nielsen is an author of impressive and unique fantasy with a Robert Jordan flare. Wonderfully written with plenty of twists, Skies is well worth the read!” Alyson Peterson, author of the Ian Quicksilver series
“Kevin Nielsen’s Skies is a masterful blend of adventure, mystery, and magic which keeps the reader mesmerized from the first riveting scene to the last. Always unexpected, always engaging.”Josi Russell, author of the best-selling Caretaker series
It launches today.  If you’re interested in the book (which I’m going to assume you are or else you wouldn’t be on my newsletter list) go over to Amazon and buy a copy.  I’ve even provided a link below for your convenience.  Please share the link on all the social media outlets you possess and let your friends and family know to go buy the books.
Thank you very very much for all your help and support.  It’s been a fun journey so far, but I can assure you, the best is still yet to come!

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