What’s up in 2017?

As 2016 draws to a close, I return to the writing docket for the upcoming year.  Here’s a list of the projects on which I shall be working over the coming year.  Below that, I’ll provide a list of the events which I am planning to attend this year as well.

Story Addiction Time

2017 Writing Projects

Alloran (working title) – Epic Fantasy Stand Alone Novel

In a land where governance is divided between the religious body and the empress, day and night decide who is in power. When Alloran discovers he was born with the ability to use all three Senses, allowing him access to enchant items with magic, he is conscripted into the religion of the land and becomes one of the Lumenari, tasked with the protection of the Moon’s gift to man, the Waal, which is both magic an currency.  As Alloran progresses through the ranks of the order and war ravages the southern reaches of the continent, Alloran soon realizes the economy is set to collapse, the Waal is dying, and his own order is not what it seems.  Only an event that occurs once every 497 years can save them.  An event only Alloran, the head of the Lumenari order, and the very people with whom they are at war know anything ab0ut.

Dristan’s War (Book 1 in a potential YA trilogy, though it could end up a standalone)

When the girl of 17 Year old Dristan Cole’s door, he’s sure all his wildest dreams are about to come true.  That outcome seems inevitable when the first thing she does is invite him to run away with her.  Two weeks later, Dristan finds himself in world where superheroes and superpowers actually exist — that is, if you count being an autonomous wifi signal or have a hyper sensitive sense of taste superpowers that is.  Stranded in the middle of Texas after a car accident, Dristan and Rachel (the aforementioned girl) join a group of rag-tag Phenoms who run a mechanic’s shop, all of whom are hiding from the same thing, the R&D company that drove Rachel back to Dristan in the first place.  Rachel calls it destiny.  She can see parts of the future, after all.  And Dristan still hasn’t managed to kiss her yet.  She won’t let him.  She’s seen their future and knows it ends in her death.  Dristan just has to do everything he can to change that.

Sisters (Sharani Series – Book 4)

Book 4 in the series.  I won’t spoil the first three books by writing out a pitch.  Go read books 1-3 and you’ll know 🙂

2017 Events


I was originally going to write about the events I’m likely to attend this year in this part of the post, but I realized it really needed its own post altogether.  I’ll do that next week.  Rest assured there are lots of them.

And the rest…

Somewhere in all that, Mythica: A Quest for Heroes (Official Movie Novelization) will be released and, depending on when I can get other projects finished, there may be one other novel out in 2017.  That said, 2017 will be a busy year for me.  Baby #3 is due in May, so a lot of it depends on how the pregnancy goes and how I can work with family schedules and the day job.

I’m also looking to form an Alpha/Beta Reader’s group who’d be willing to read early drafts of writing projects and offer critique.  These early drafts could come in partial or full manuscripts, or sometimes even just single chapters that I need additional eyes on.  You’d have to be willing to provide detailed, specific feedback, not discuss what you read with anyone but me, and open to discussing plausible scenarios and workaround after providing commentary.  If you’re interested in doing this, email me at  Those who participate will receive copies of my books when the come out along with swag.

That’s 2017 for you!


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Signing at Fortis College – SLC, UT

Salt Lake Comic Con came and went last week. It was pretty much a blur. Great things happened there, but it deserves it’s own post (which I’ll do tomorrow). In the meantime, I wanted to announce a signing even in Salt Lake City this upcoming Tuesday that is open to the public. Information can be found in this wonderful picture provided by the event coordinator. Come see me there. Click on the image to be taken to the Facebook event.


Stay tuned over the next few days about some additional information regarding what happened at Salt Lake Comic Con, the project on which I’m working now (Mythica: A Quest for Heroes), as well as a look at what else may be coming down the pipeline in the near future.

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