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My love of reading and writing began at an early age.  Always a voracious reader, in the middle of my 6th grade year I approached the school librarian with a heartfelt plea, “Please Ms. Wolf, can you order some new books?  I’ve read them all.”  Ms. Jo Wolf, being the high-class lady that she was and knowing I had truly read every book in that rather small library, kindly explained to me that there was not enough money to buy any more books this year.  She must have noticed my crestfallen face because she then said, “Why don’t you try writing your own book?” 

That was it!  Write my own book!  The woman was a genius!  And that very day I began writing a book about an elf named Sam and his two friends, bearers of magical daggers from a troubled, magical past that transformed them into mighty heroes, possessed of the memories of all the previous warriors who had wielded those same mystical knives.  I feverishly wrote in pencil on the unbound, lined pages of a three-ring binder I had and, before the school year was done, I had hand-written 120 pages in my 6th grade scrawl.  I liked it, and moved on to other works, writing three more novels, none of which would be published, over the course of Junior High, High School, and the first year of college.  I’ve been hooked ever since!  

I spent two years in Sao Paulo, Brasil (that spelling is intentional) on a volunteer service mission for my church, before returning to the United States and resuming my writing once more.  I am married to my eternal sweetheart, with whom I have an amazing son (sometimes featured in this blog) and a beautiful daughter (as of the new year – 2015).  

Check out my “Current Writing Projects” page for the novels currently being drafted and for progress updates on various drafts.  There is also a tab for the short stories I’ve decided to put up here, along with some fun information about my debut novel, “Sands.”  A complete list of my published works can be found on my Amazon Author Page.

If you like other social media, you can find me on Facebook and Twitter as well.

P.S. I love dragons…

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