Resurgent Shadows – Successive Harmony Series Book 1

Humanity stands at the brink of utter annihilation.  The few survivors of the cataclysms from three years before cluster together in heavily fortified sports stadiums or sequester themselves in underground bunkers to defend against the hordes of monsters, dragons, and nightmares that now

Red Dragon Sketchravage the world.

Caleb Mathews, lone survivor of the fall of the Charlotte City-Fortress, pursues his thirst for revenge against the creatures that took his wife and son from him during the cataclysms.  His path takes him to discover that along with the nightmares, came people and creatures equally as good.  He befriends one of these creatures, a dverger reminiscent of the legendary dwarves of old, and takes the first steps toward healing himself and humanity when he decides that it is time to do something no one has yet been able to do.  Hunt DragonLords.Sigvid Sketch

On the other side of the country, Eric leads his small group of survivors in relative prosperity until one of his men kills a dverger berserker.  The consequences of that event leave him in possession of a weapon whose bloodlust rivals anything Eric has ever known.  He joins the dverger army with but one purpose.  Hunt DragonLords.

Book 1

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In Resurgent Shadows, Caleb and Eric begin to understand the threads that weave the realities together and discover that the world of men and dragons, golgent, trulgo, dverger, and aylfin have collided before.  And they will do so again unless Balance can be restored.

I hope you enjoy.  This book is out and available on Amazon now.  Happy Writing!

The official book blurb:

Humanity stands on the brink of annihilation. Dragons fill the skies.

Ever since the Breaking, when earthquakes tore the world apart and unleashed the nightmares of myth and legend, humankind has struggled for survival.

Caleb is one of the survivors, and the only thing he cares about is getting revenge on the monsters that killed his wife and son. When he saves the life of a dverger—a mythic dwarf-like creature—Caleb discovers that the Breaking may have brought good to the world along with the evil.

On the other side of the country, Eric leads a small group of survivors in relative prosperity until a powerful war hammer is forced into his hands—a weapon with a will of its own so commanding that it sends Eric on a mission with one purpose: destroy the creatures that threaten his home.

Caleb and Eric must each decide to do something no one has dared before: to hunt the Dragonlords.”


5 thoughts on “Resurgent Shadows – Successive Harmony Series Book 1

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  2. Jessé M. Poffo

    I remember seeing you writing your stories and drowning your maps while living in that yellow house in Piratininga! I really want to read what’s coming from all of this!

  3. Dwarven politics, I can’t even imagine. I would rather face trolls than dwarven politics. Haha

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