Charity Antholoy – Christmas Caring II and The Legacy Initiative of Utah

I wrote a short story for an anthology (a collection of short stories by various authors published as a single volume) a couple months back that was recently released in the Christmas Caring II: A Christmas Charity Anthology collection.

The cool thing about this particular work is that it a) was completely different than anything I’d ever written before and b) it’s for a charity, specifically The Legacy Initiative of Utah.

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All proceeds of the sales on the anthology go to help this charity fight hunger in Utah.  Part of the Legacy Initiative’s Mission Statement reads as follows: “The Legacy Initiative of Utah’s mission is to fight hunger, provide humanitarian aid, and educate people through community partnerships not just for today, but for our future.”

If that’s not a good enough reason to purchase the anthology (only available in ebook), I’ll share a little about the story I wrote for it too.  There are lots of amazing stories in there, but as you’re reading this on my blog, on my personal page, I’m going to allow myself the conceit of assuming you’re one of my personal fans and are interested, at least a little bit, in what I personally have to say in written form.

My story is called “Wings for Christmas,” and here’s how I’d describe it in a couple sentences.

“When Glim decides that this year is going to be his year to win himself a female companion, he sets out to do what every other knob in his society managed to accomplish years before him.  If he can shoot through a fairy’s wings while in flight, he’ll capture her and her magic will force them to be together for the space of one year, though he’s never managed to pull it off.  This year, though, Glim has a plan.  Christmastime is the best time to hunt fairies, after all.  Glim ventures out into the land of the giant Smelly Folk (humans) in search of his quarry and soon realizes he doesn’t know the first thing about fairy hunting.”

All the stories are good and, outside of the one I wrote, I know for a fact I feature as a character with a malodorous nature in another of the tales.

Anyway, help pass along a little charity this Christmas season and purchase the anthology.  Help someone else feel the Christmas cheer.  You can click on the link above, right HERE, or on the cover image to be taken to the anthology’s page on Amazon.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Uphold the Flame!

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