Weekend Redemption – Visitors and Flash Fiction

Last week was rather full on the writing and life front. Between a sick wife and kids and three deadlines for three different writing projects on top of the day job, I felt as if life was dealing me a series of punches straight to the kidneys. All hyperbole aside, it was a challenging week. However, I got to have my younger brother and his wife over for the weekend and tie for first place in a flash fiction contest with the incomparable Julie Frost. Here’s the piece I wrote – the prompt was “Fire and/or Water”:

Fire liked the feeling of consuming wood, eating away its life, surging upward with renewed vigor and strength. To grow, to survive, fire had to eat. To eat, wood or other fuel had to die. And why not? Fire was the perfect creation of God to man.

One of the men tossed another log into Fire’s depths. Fire hissed his pleasure. Humans made excellent servants, always giving food right when he needed it.

A small burr hit Fire’s edge. Fire crackled and hissed in confusion. What was that?

More little burrs struck Fire, turning to steam and killing his flames. Water! Fire grumbled with displeasure. Water was the absolute worst thing ever made. Fire hated water more than dirt or even not eating.

Rain fell, and Fire died a slow, piece-meal death.

On another writing front, I turned in the penultimate draft of the Mythica: A Quest for Heroes novelization late Sunday night. The Kickstarter campaign for that will be starting here on the 19th. I would love it if each and every one of you who reads this blog would contribute to that as well as help spread the news when it starts officially. I’ll keep everyone updated.

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