Flash Fiction Writing Prompt

The writing prompt is “The footprints in the snow suddenly stopped” and the limit on word count is 100 Words:

“The footprints in the snow suddenly stopped. No other mark marred the pristine white. I searched the skies. It could only be dragons.

“Ready the bows!” I cried. Wood creaked as arrows drew back to ears. I peered into the inky sky above, watching for shadows blotting out the stars. My breath pooled before me in a thick, misty cloud.


“Position 4, three degrees to the left!” My shout broke the night stillness, like an icy crust over a pond. “Fire!”

Arrows loosed, screaming through the air. An answering salvo returned, one made of searing flames and boiling death.”

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4 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Writing Prompt

  1. What a great story! I couldn’t believe it was only 100 words. I had to count them! Well done!

  2. Jenna Eatough

    Love the take on the prompt. It was fun to read and the description was great.

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