World Building Wednesday #2

Today’s post is two fold.  First is a bit of advice when thinking about world building, the second is a great resource for both current and future reference.

First, then, the advice.  When creating a world, consider the world you’re creating as a character unto itself.  What do I mean?  Characters’ relationships with one another change how each of the characters act and react in any given scenario.  In the same way, the world and the people who reside upon it both act upon each other and react to each other in specific ways.  Geography stipulates which primitive cultures survive and which do not.  What is present in the heavens during the night and the day will change the religion and belief system of the people upon the world, which will change the world itself as time passes.  Think about the world as a character and the interactions it has.

Second, the world building resource.  A friend of mine, Luke Peterson, is both an amazing author and an expert at world building, mostly through his personal experience working as the director of the Civic Innovation department at Utah Valley University (UVU) and decades of experience as a city manager and working with local governments across the nation.  His website is partially devoted to applying real world success stories in modern cities to building worlds in a fantasy setting.  You can find his site here:

Have fun on your worldbuilding adventures!


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