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My novel, Sands, is currently in the process of being made into a board game. The folks at Future House Publishing are putting in a ton of work on the art and the rules getting it polished and ready for a Kickstarter launch some time this summer. There’s a ton of work involved, as each of the cards in the game comes with individual, unique artwork that is digitally painted by Jeff Harvey. He’s a very talented artist on staff at Future House as their art director. You can take a look at some of his other work at Check out some of the prototype cards below.

20160524_144554 20160524_144615These images are amazing and are an integral part of the success of this game. The other major mark of success for this game is the Kickstarter campaign for the initial funding.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the first day of the Kickstarter is the most important. You can generally gauge the success or failure of a project on whether or not you hit 30% of the funding goal by the end of that first day. What that in round figures for this project? Well, with production costs and artwork, and everything involved, from what I’ve been told, the rough estimate on the goal is going to be about $30,000 to fund the project. So that first day, we’re looking at needing at least $9,000 funded to hit that 30% indicator.IMG_20160529_232858

That happens through things like subscribing to this email newsletter and contributions to the project (ie, purchasing the product itself) once the Kickstarter starts. Before that starts, it’s a question of spreading the news and getting the word out to anyone and everyone who may be interested in the game. For those who play a lot of games, it’s like Dominion meets Settlers of Katan, but with some Magic the Gathering thrown in for some color. For everyone else, it’s a fun strategy game that involves gaining armies, earning cultivation points toward winning the game, and attacks against both your opponents AND the genesauri monsters that ravage each player at the end of each round. It can easily be fun for the whole family. Get people to sign up for this newsletter so I can let them all know on day 1 what cool things they can get by contributing that first day.


So, where are we at with the actual product? Well, three rounds of game testing have taken place.  The image to the right of it is from a round of testing Future House did after the second open play test. This involved people playing the mockup of the game (not even a prototype yet) and testing the rules and game dynamics in order to see if it actually works as a game or not.  There’s at least one more round of play tests before a prototype gets made and that’s when the Kickstarter will roll out. There will be fun videos of game play, different pledge levels and rewards, and lots of awesome stuff going on.

How can you help? Well, you can help me spread the news. Please (and thank you). Have people sign up for my newsletter list by giving them this link ( or directing them to my website at and following the tabs for the “Kickstarter – Sands Game.” There are also handy little “share this” icons at the bottom of this page you can click that will link directly to your social media pages. And keep being awesome.

I’ll post another update in about 2 weeks or so, depending on when the next play test ends up happening. For those of you who are fans of the novels, Book 3 was turned in to the editor on May 30th, so it will be coming out later this year. Lots of fun things are in the works.

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