Guest Post – Frank Morin: Winner Takes it All

History is written by the winners.

What if the real winners were not the ones we thought?

The most common view of alternate history is to play the “What If” game with important events. Like, “What if the Germans had won WWII?” Or “What if Napoleon had won?”

That approach to history takes such a divergent point and extrapolates how the world might be different as a result. It can be used to create entirely different worlds based on our own, but twisted away from the recognizable. There are a lot of really good stories that use this approach.

City of Saints - Click for Amazon

City of Saints – Click for Amazon

Including a fun steampunk adventure by D.J. Butler set in the wild west. It includes rival spies Sam Clemens and Edgar Allen Poe duking it out in a very different nation than we know today, including the Mormon nation of Deseret. City of the Saints is pack

Hard Magic - Click for Amazon

Hard Magic – Click for Amazon

ed full of fun stuff.


Then there’s Larry Correia’s awesome Hard Magic, book one of the Grimnoire Chronicles. He asks, “What if magic arrived on the planet in the late 1800s?” The result is a fast-paced, epic story that’s one of my favorites.

Or sometimes, characters get dropped into a different time period and the author can explore the insanity that might ensue as a result. Eric Flint’s popular 1632 series is one of the best examples:


I take yet another approach. In The Facetakers series, I ask, “What if we just don’t know the full story? What if someone’s tweaking the books and writing out the good parts?”

1632 - Click for Amazon

1632 – Click for Amazon

The result is a world on a shaky footing, a world where people think they know what’s going on, what happened in the past, and how the world reached its current state.

They’re wrong.

So what happens when someone stumbles onto the truth?

Bad things.

In Memory Hunter, Sarah is drawn into the secret war between soul-powered factions that have been at war for millennia, fighting in the shadows and influencing world events, known by only a privileged few. Their war takes a new twist as they begin traveling back in time to battle for control over pivotal moments of history in order to siphon the power to reshape the future.

Sarah learns that history is not what the books say it is. It’s been doctored by those shadowy powers to guarantee their continued concealment, and it’s far deadlier than anyone ever knew.

In Rune Warrior, which was released this Friday (05/06/2016), and which is another entry point into the series, Sarah and her friends travel the history of the Roman Empire, from its founding to its collapse. The conflict escalates and spills out of the past and into the streets of modern day Rome. It’s a fast-paced, epic story, filled with action, romance, intrigue, and super fun twists of history.

It’s got Spartacus like he’s never been seen before.
Whichever version of history you embrace, make it a good one.

Find out more at or

Rune Warrior - Click for Amazon

Rune Warrior – Click for Amazon


Saving Face - Click for Amazon

Saving Face – Click for Amazon

Memory Hunter - Click for Amazon

Memory Hunter – Click for Amazon

Frank HeadshotFrank Morin loves good stories in every form. When not writing or trying to keep up with his active family, he’s often found hiking, camping, Scuba diving, or enjoying other outdoor activities. For updates on his sci-fi time travel Facetaker novels, his popular YA fantasy novel, Set in Stone, or other upcoming book releases, check his website:

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