3 Recent Reasons Why Being an Author is Great

Lots of things happen at the same time when you write a lot, it seems.  Here are 3 recent reasons why being an author is great (and exhausting) – guess what, none of them are the money (which isn’t much for most of us):

1 – I recently finished a short story that will be featured in an anthology coming out next month.  It tells the backstory of a fan-favorite character from my novel “Sands.”  Why is this a reason why being an author is great?  Well, because one of my goals this year was to get into 1 anthology of short stories.  Well, as it so happens, it appears I’ll have the chance to be in at least 3.  It seems once the ball starts rolling, momentum keeps it going.

2 – My novel, “Sands,” is being adapted into a board game.  I was recently at the play testing of the game and let me tell you, it will be a really cool game.  Even those who haven’t read the book will get a kick out of playing this game.  It’s like Dominion meets Risk.  Though there were mixed initial reviews, the play itself was fantastic and the changes made will make it – in my opinion – one of the greatest games ever played.  It will be out as a Kickstarter project sometime this summer.  If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, here’s a link that will explain a little bit about it.  If you love games, fantasy novels, or me, please consider contributing to the campaign when it comes out.  In the meantime, enjoy some of the artwork from the game below:

A look at the concept initial version of the game

A look at the concept initial version of the game

Aevian Concept Art for Cards

Aevian Concept Art for Cards

3 – The people you meet are amazing.  I’ve met some of my fastest friends at writing events and have immensely enjoyed getting to know and interact with wonderful and amazing people on a daily basis.  Far from being the aloof, snooty people our High School English teachers try and make us believe they are, authors are ordinary, funny, and often shy individuals.  If you see one, offer them cookies and return to the nearest library or bookstore.

That’s all for now, but keep smiling.  Stay tuned for several guest posts coming up on the blog during the rest of this month alongside a new series on how I plot my novels.  I’m calling it “One Page Perfect Plotting”.

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