Evil is Blowing Your Nose into your Sleeve

Writing a blog with any measure of consistency is a time-consuming and challenging endeavor.  With convention and tour season having hit its stride in February and March, I haven’t been the greatest at keeping up with this blog.  However, I’ve been writing fairly consistently and making appearances in multiple states and events on top of a day job.  I hope any serious readers of this blog can give me a pass on that.

That being said, I do intent to do more here now that the conference and convention aspect of my writing life has calmed down.  April is conference free for me so expect posts about LTUE, my California Tour, Salt Lake Comic Con FanX, and how being a nerd is awesome.  I also have a series on how I hybridize (if I can use that word) being a pantser (organic writer) and an outliner.  It should be fun all around. I have updated my current projects tab as well.

I know this is short, but I will leave you with a parting sentiment from an amazing panel I was on at Salt Lake Comic Con, FanX coutesy of Julie Peterson Wright – I’m paraphrasing here.  “True evil is someone who blows their nose on their sleeve.”

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