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Today’s post has a lot of random stuff to cover.  I apologize if I seem to ramble, but, if you’re reading this, it probably means you don’t mind reading what I have to say.  Despite that, I’ll try and keep my tangents to a minimum and I’ll always circle back to the main topic.  Promise!  Oh look – something SHINY!

Book 1

Book 1

RESURGENT SHADOWS has been out for a couple days now.  The awesome part about that outside of just having another book out in general is that both the paperback and the ebook are available.  That is 6 weeks earlier than expected on the paperback.  That is AWESOME!  If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing that beats the feel of an actual physical copy of a book in your hands (despite the ebook selling SOOOOOoooo much better than the physical copies).  The Kindle Fire giveaway is still going on, so go enter to win.  If you’ve already bought the book and are reading it (or have read it) please leave a review and let me know what you thought.  There’s a Goodreads Giveaway going on right now too – 10 Print Copies are available!

My first book, SANDS, is still on sale on ebook for $0.99.  You should go get a copy or

Sands Cover

Sharani Series – Book 1

tell someone about it while it is still one sale.  You can get a paperback too, but it isn’t on sale right now.  On the SANDS front, the second book in the SHARANI Series, STORMS, is 1/3 of the way through the editing and revision process.  That means I’m done with the developmental edits (see my last post about editing).  STORMS is good and is the book in which I take the most pride so far as it shows my improvement as a writer (at least according to those who’ve read it).  I am excited to start telling people about it and doing some fun little activities to spread the word.  If you’ve already read SANDS and enjoyed it, let me know.  There’s a Goodreads Giveaway going on for SANDS right now too – 2 signed, personalized copies are available.

Hmmm…that wasn’t very rambly yet, was it?  Ok, so now I will ramble.  A little.

Even though I’m not really an outliner (I’m a hybrid, but that’s a different story) sometimes I like to plan out what I’m working on, writing wise.  A couple weeks ago I wrote out a plan on all the projects I wanted to get done in the next little while – it included 8 books over the next 3 years.  Only 6 of them were attached to the two series I currently have published.  And the two I was going to work on next year?

Neither one was related to anything I’ve written previously.

I had originally planned on working on a pair of standalone novels to clear my head between working the books for the Sharani and Successive Harmony Series.  The plan was to delay starting work on any additional sequels until the end of next year.

I decided that plan was stupid.  I’m still going to work on those books, but I’m going to work on sequels first and (hopefully) have both series done by the end of 2017.  Why the change of mind?  Well, lots of reasons.  Partly because my wife wants to know what happens and she’s the main reason I have time to write.  Partly because it makes sense to stick with them for now.  In all honesty, the biggest reason is that those are the series currently published.  Those are the books which are selling.  And those are the books that will build a foundational fan base/platform.

That being said.  I write a LOT.  I write quickly.  I got through the sequel to SANDS in 73 days.  I could probably Burning Keyboard_2pump out the entire rest of the SHARANI series by the ends of 2016.  But I won’t.  I have the SUCCESSIVE HARMONY Series to write as well.  Those are much bigger books.  I think I can get through that sequel in 100-120 days or so.  So here’s the game plan (which is, of course, subject to change).

I’m going to start on the sequel to Resurgent Shadows sometime in December.  Between now and then, I’m going to do some world-building and plotting out details in the SANDS universe.  I’ll probably also flesh out the rough outline I have for the SUCCESSIVE HARMONY Universe as well.  After that, I’ll push through book 3 AND book 4 of the SHARANI Series.  That should take us through 2016.

Where to after that?  Well, the new plan is to finish off the SUCCESSIVE HARMONY Series (book 3 and 4) and then finish the last book in the SHARNAI series.  That’ll take us through 2017.

Anyway, I’ll be writing, and balancing a day job, and being a daddy, and a husband, and marketing the current books, and going to conferences and events, and whatnot all year.  I’ll be working hard.  So if I look a little ragged or sound a little tired or have great big bags under my eyes, just smile at me, nod, and throw chocolate (or cookies) if the mood takes you.

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