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Sands has been doing remarkably well in the first week of sales after its release.  It has hovered within the top 150 in three different categories on Amazon since it came out.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude at the amount of support I’ve received from everyone.  The reviews have been extremely positive. The print copies of Sands should be coming out soon.  Once they are available I will be sure to let you know.

I will be setting up a monthly newsletter for anyone interested in getting email announcements about writing updates, behind the scenes information, and exclusive content for newsletter participants.  If you’d like to be included in this, please message me with your email address and I’ll add you to the list.  I’ll be putting together some signup forms for the various social media

outlets as well, so those will become available soon also.

At the same time, with Sands now out, there are a few more people I’d like to thank by name that didn’t make it into the dedications page directly.  First of all, my writing group, Team Unleashed.  The members of Team Unleashed are as follows, Beau Peterson, Luke Peterson, Beth Fewkes (the true unleashed), and (until recently when life took her in other directions) Jessica Winn.  Amy Sandbok has been a new, recent addition to the group as well, though she wasn’t around when the group went over the original, ugly version of Sands.  Still, she deserves recognition for her valuable insight and encouragement through the editing process after the book was accepted for publication.  This book would never have happened without them.  They are the best and each of them is a gifted and talented writer, artist, and person.  If you run into them at conferences or conventions, they deserve cookies, just don’t give any to Beth or Luke because they’ll probably die.

Second, there are some specific people at Future House Publishing who deserve specific recognition.  Helena Steinecker, who saw me writing at LTUE when I should have been in a panel and asked what I was doing.  She was the first to show interest in my works and gave me the chance to submit Sands. She also provided the first round of edits before her schedule became too intense to handle multiple projects. Mandi Diaz, who took over the editing process after Helena, provided much needed insight and clarity to the manuscript, expecially where the epigraphs and Gavin are concerned.  Emma Hoggan came next, tightening up the language and providing continuity and cohesion.  They were a large part of what Sands is now.  Thank you.

That’s it for now.  I’m gearing up for Sasquan in August and then Salt Lake Comic Con in September.  If you’re in the neighborhood for either of those, consider stopping by and saying hello.  I’m deep in the 1st draft of SANDS 2 and will keep you updated of the status on the current projects page and in the newsletter.  RWYA.

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One thought on “Updates and Recognition

  1. This is just the beginning Kevin. Hold on for a great ride! Thanks for the acknowledgements!

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