Drafts, Drafts, and more Drafts…

Well, I just sent my latest draft back to my editor with the new edits/updates on Sands of the Sharani.  When I started, I had a good book.  The plot was good, the magic and world well-built, and the concept pretty cool.  Some of the characters were underdeveloped, perhaps, but I didn’t realize it at the time.  Standing on the other side of several drafts since then, I now have an AWESOME manuscript, thanks to two editors and an insightful beta reader – the characters are well-formed and have better depth and vulnerability, the plot holes are filled, the story flows better, and it has been kicked up a notch.

It reminds me, once again, why we need editors, beta readers, and writing groups.  They provide such valuable insight and opinion into a work that we, as authors, get too close to.  They’re the extra perspective from further back that we simply don’t get from our vantage point as author.  I am grateful for my editors, who can steer me in the right direction for each successive draft.

Anyway, salutations.  Keep writing and remember who you are.

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