So, my life has been kinda crazy over the last few months – when is it not though?  I really should be better at making these blog posts on a semi-regular basis, but I simply get overwhelmed with so many other things going on that the blog loses priority.  And I guess that’s what I want to post about today.

Sometimes life forces you to prioritize.  Sometimes life forces you to make choices between two or more good things.  Neither choice is wrong, but one is usually a choice that is more right than the other(s).  Do I continue to make time to have blog posts or do I make my pregnant wife put our son to be alone?  Do I go down to the shooting range or do I stick around the house and help the family do some of the million and one tasks that seem to accumulate within any household?  We all have to make choices based on specific, circumstantial needs.

Writing is like that as well.  We have to make choices about what is most important.  Is that extra detail about the MC’s secret love of donkey brains as important as the fact that he is afraid of drowning but works as a sailor aboard ship?  Do we focus on the priority points of the novel and less on the ancillary details that, while enjoyable, don’t actually carry much literary weight?

What we have to do is return.  Return to the highest priorities always.  In writing and in life.

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2 thoughts on “Returns

  1. Andrew

    I don’t know sometimes what to prioritize a lot of the times. I’m a very spontaneous person. I have learned that God uses that to his advantage. He knows that I will respond immediately because I’m spontaneous like that. Granted I don’t have any kids or a wife. I do agree it is hard at times to know what to do.

    • Sometimes life teaches us what to prioritize – sometimes we have to learn it the hard way. For me it comes down to what things I would regret the most if I didn’t do them.

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