A friend of mine recently attended FantasyCon and Westercon in Utah.  They were able to participate in a panel on Dragons and why they are still popular.  While I was not able to attend either convention, I will admit that I do have a thing for Dragons.  They are absolutely and unequivocally my favorite fantasy creature.  In fact, every single book I’ve ever written (and I’m on the tenth book now) has either had a dragon in it or a creature that is a representation of a dragon in one form or another.  Dragons are hands down the coolest creatures of fantasy…but why do we still love them?

Well, I like dragons because they are so versatile.  You can have colored dragons that do cool thing based on their color and the element they represent which also coincides with the climate in which they live like in the Dragonlance books.  Or you can have them be the classical fire-drakes from the north like in the Hobbit.  They can be good or they can be evil.  Related to elves or enemies of them.  They can be big or they can be small.  In point of fact, there are as many different types of dragons as there are different types of people.  They are a strong enough fantasy element that they can survive, and even thrive, with each new rendition they encounter.  And that is what I think still draws us to them.  They are that timeless element of fantasy that stretches from Tolkein up through Rowling.  They are the connection between an old world and a new.

Why do you all love them?  Please let me know in the comments below.  What makes dragons so appealing when dwarves and elves have lost much of their savor?  Why are dragons still so special?

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9 thoughts on “Dragons

  1. I think dragons are perfect for fantasy – and as you, and others, have said, they’re adaptable, and can have either positive or negative attributes. Like many creatures of the imagination, the possibilities are limited only by our capacity.
    (I had to respond to your post, because as you can see, I have a thing for dragons – mine was a copy from a Feng Shui book – they’re powerful symbols in Chinese culture.)

    • Thank you, Teagan. I am not as familiar with the Chinese dragon archetypes as I am with the Westernized dragons. What symbols are dragons used for in Chinese culture?

    • They are seen as heavenly mythical creatures whose images are used for protection against enemies, danger, luck in battle, plus good luck, fame…basically if you can name it, there seems to a dragon for it!
      If you’re interested, here’s a link: vwww.thewhitegoddess.co.uk/articles/mythology…/chinese_dragons.asp

    • Thank you, Teagan.

  2. I’m afraid I dislike dragons on a personal levels, though I do see the value they add to fantasy. That’s why I’m making my own! I portray them as weak-willed and greedy, but otherwise versatile and powerful.

    • Would you care to elaborate any on why you personally dislike dragons?

    • Because they are weak-willed and greedy, at least that’s how I portray them. For me they fall into a similar category with elves, a powerful race that cares only for itself and never uses its power to its full potential. I think they add a lot to a fantasy setting, but as a bad guy.

  3. I love dragons because they can be evil or good, hero or villain. Like you said, they are versatile. And wonderful.

    • Thank you for your comment. Dragons are extremely versatile and can be found in so many different pieces of literature that I am sure they will never truly fade from our entertainment industry.

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