Prioritizing Balloons

There have been several times in my life where I find myself with simply too much “stuff” going on at any one given time.  Human beings, it seems, are much like balloons.  We can get filled and expand to great heights and sizes, but there comes a time when just one more thing added to plate, just one more minute puff of air, will cause us to burst.  And so it was with me – between adjusting to a new house, new state, new job and trying to finish various drafts of my novel along with going to school full time AND keeping up with my blog, I was ready to burst.  Unfortunately, that meant that the blog got left by the wayside.  I had to choose what was the most important.  However, now that I am in the submission phase of Discovery: A New World’s Dawning, I can re-prioritize and add the blog back into my list of regular activities.  In that regard, we are also a lot like balloons – once we’re deflated, we can always be filled back up again.

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