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Along with my recent move, I also started a new job within the same company.  The position requires ten weeks of training in a “Nesting Team” before actual work can begin.  The first two weeks have been intensive and comprehensive.  so much information has been presented that most days I come home with information overload headaches.  Recently, one of the trainers went over the initial setup process for a home loan purchase and/or refinance.  There are so many different things that need to take place that there is a specific checklist and process flow that has been developed.  At the beginning of the overview, the trainer said something that I understood to be the most important piece of information shared that day.  She said, “Find your own way to do this setup process – you can’t copy someone else’s way of doing things unless it works for you.”

That’s how it is with writing too.  You have to find your own way of doing things.  Hopefully James will forgive me for using the following example.  I’ve been writing fantasy novels since I was 11 years old.  After I got married, I started working on a new novel that I thought was going to be amazing.  I wrote the first chapter and sent it off to my buddy, James, to read.  He came back with a large list of items that needed to be corrected.  So I re-wrote the first chapter, sent it back to James, edited some more, and ended up discouraged with the whole process.  I never got passed that first chapter to the part of the story that I found most interesting.  That’s how James writes now – chapter by chapter.  After about a six month hiatus from writing at all, I decided to pursue another novel idea that I had.  This time I didn’t involve James until I had already finished the second draft.  Why was the second novel completed and the first one not?  Because I went back to doing things my way.  I write best when I write straight through and then go back later to fix things up.  James’s way is not Kevin’s way.  You have to Find Your Own Way…

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2 thoughts on “Find Your Own Way…

  1. Tracy E. Warren

    I totally agree. I’m amazed at things I’ve written when I finish them in my own time without the opinions of others. Sure I want feedback but not until the product has completed the first draft stage. Good discussion piece. I enjoyed that very much.

    • Thank you for your response, Tracy. So many times we forget that “there is more than one way to skin a cat.” Just because one person does it that way doesn’t make it the right one. It makes it A right one.

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