Discovery Update – Sigvid

Born 137 years ago, Sigvid (Sig) has a complex backstory.   He started out learning the ways of a fighter, but later became a blacksmith.  He is the older brother to the dwarven King, Olan, but renounced his claim to the throne when he married outside the clan (he of Deepgarth, her of Glitra) – as the first dwarf in history to do this, he is ostracized for his decision.  Sigvid SketchHe joined an expedition to form an Enclave (independent dwarf colony) due to his wife’s desires to be among her kin and eventually became a master smith.

His wife was killed in a  raid on the Enclave made by trolls and goblins and he sunk into a berserker’s rage, during which time he crafted Valundnir in a lucid moment back within the Enclave.  He became the first Ferreiro (scion of the mountain) in centuries, but it still took some time for him to come back to himself before the Sundering (nearly a decade before he simply woke up one day and decided that it was time to live again).

During/After the Sundering he becomes the leader in the Enclave due to his rank as Ferreiro, though  he formally defers his status to equal to that of the Council Members.

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6 thoughts on “Discovery Update – Sigvid

  1. This is a great character. He would make an awesome character illustration. 🙂

  2. I second that. Nice drawing.

  3. Beautiful drawing, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a dwarf so soulfully rendered.

    • Thank you, James. Sigvid is an atypical dwarf with a lot of soul – I tried to portray him that way.

    • Expertly done. He is clearly a dwarf who has seen a lot of sadness in his 137 years of life.

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