See How it Sounds

Writing is meant to be read.  It would stand to reason that good writing should sound good when read aloud, but it is surprising how often authors don’t take this simple step in the editing process to help them polish off a manuscript.  While it may be difficult for a 130000+ word novel, try reading every single word you’ve written out loud.  Pay attention to those times where you naturally try and change things while you’re reading it aloud.  This is your ear telling you that, though the prose may look good on paper, it isn’t natural.  If you feel tempted to change the wording, do it!  Especially pay attention to your dialogue.  Natural dialogue isn’t polished – it’s grammatically bad – it’s shortened, broken, fragmented, and ignores the mechanics of sound writing.  But it is natural.  Few people will say, “Harry!  Do not touch that blender!  It is hot!”  No, they say, “Don’t touch that!  It’s hot!”  Use contractions, slang, run-on sentences – whatever sounds natural for your characters.  Read it aloud, and, if your ear tells you that it is not quite right, change it!

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