Concerning Dragons

Aha!  The first real Discovery Update.  Today we’ll learn a little bit about the Red Dragons.  I will add a sketch of the Red Dragons when I can – today is my last day before a cross-country move and I may not get time to add the sketch into this post until after I arrive.

Red Dragons:

The Red Dragons are the fire drakes of the Discovery world.  They breathe fire and are the true battle dragons amongst the drakes that are aligned with Chaos.  Swift of flight and extremely agile, they are among the more gifted flyers amongst the dragons.  As with all dragons, their size is dependent upon their age, but they are not the largest of dragonkind.

Red Dragon Sketch

They have four front claws and three rear claws, as well as a single apposable claw on each wing-joint which they use to scale the sides of rocky surfaces  or in battle to buffet and claw their opponent.  Their heads are triangular and covered in horns and spikes, though the females have no horns beneath their chins or behind their jawbones.  They reside in warm or hot climates whenever possible, and make their nests inside the cavernous openings within or upon active volcanoes.  However, they have the ability to warm themselves with their own inner flame so they can survive in any climate, unlike some of the other dragon races that are bound to a specific range due to climate intolerances.   The Red Dragons are the companions of the Blood Elves, to whom they are bound.  Together, they rule the Red Dragonhosts.

Want to know more?  Let me know what else you want to know about “Discovery” and I’ll possibly put it in the next “Discovery Update…”

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